Saturday, December 24, 2005

  Two parties redux

This whole framing of the debate as Democrat vs Republican is beyond's counter-productive. All the attempts to pretend history only goes back to the year 2000 and that there are only two points of view that represent all Americans guarantee that the fundamental problems we face will never be addressed.

Not only don't Republicans and Democrats NOT represent two distinct, coherent views of reality, they don't come close to representing the views of a large number of citizens. In fact, the closest thing to a consistent ideological viewpoint today is held by neocons. They know what they want...control of the planet and they believe that any means justifies the ends and they never waver. They're far from "pretzeling" themselves into various positions...they ALWAYS have their eye on the ball.

The evolution of the neocons brought many of them from the left wing of the Democratic Party and their parasitic adoption of the Republicans and words like "conservative" happened because they recognized where the power and possibility for achieving their goals lay.

Historically, Democrats have been the party most associated with war. Administrations under their banner lied and connived the US into both World Wars and changed history forever by needlessly dropping atomic bombs on Japan. To imply that Democrats unquestionably hold the moral upper hand in American politics is idiotic.

I've said it before. I'll say it again. If all you want is to make sure your team wins, we will continue our inexorable slide down into the abyss. Changing course is going to require discounting every bit of bullshit rhetoric and only paying attention to the actual actions of our fellow countrymen...particularly those we've allowed to be in charge.

If you wake up every day and your first thought of self-identification is "I'm a Democrat" or I'm a Republican" we are doomed.

I suggest you try "I'm a human being."

Name: Bill St James
Location: Portland, OR

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