Thursday, September 22, 2005

  Government utopia

For all the people who seem to be coming to the realization that the Demopublican grip on the political machinery is uniltateral and virtually unbreakable, welcome to the club. As has been pointed out in various ways, the only true motivation any of these politicians have is self-preservation.

To all of you who still think that one party is a Shining Light and the other is a bunch of scumbags, I suggest you're playing the precise game that's expected of you...fight amongst yourselves while the thieves vanish in the night with the last remaining scraps of everything you've held dear.

If. at this point in our history, someone who still thinks that all we have to do is get the Right Person or the Right Party into public office and everything will be fixed, understands neither the depth of the problems we face nor the nature of the machinery in place to deal with those problems.

Unfortunately for the majority of people who have been told since just after leaving the womb that the government can make all their dreams come true, the realization that it can never happen may still take some time to sink in. Sorry to report it's an impossibility. So as long as you continue to yearn for the government to create the utopia you envision, and believe that changes in personalities will make that happen, the slide down the hill is going to continue to pick up speed.

I submit that many people from the Gulf Coast are being slapped in the face with this harsh realization. It doesn't make any difference whether you ascribe the suffering of tens of thousands to heartlessness or incompetence on the part of the various government the end of the day you've still lost everything. The implied promise of government ("we'll take care of you") is bankrupt and the rest of the country is not far behind.

If you want to REALLY take steps to minimize catastrophe (in every sense), you need to recognize what's at the source. Any top-down solution (changing the faces of the window dressing) not only won't work, it takes the focus away from the substance of the problem. The only thing that's going to work is one that comes from the bottom up...which is going to require a fundamental shift on the part of the citizens of this country.
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